Caroline Wright is a painter and a cellist, and finds the disciplines to instruct each other. Wright's paintings are both exuberant and contemplative, merging aspects of music, movement, and landscape. With drippy acrylics and inks on surfaces as varied as rice paper, paper bags, and fabric, Wright uses painting to slow down and connect to the rhythm underlying life. She also enjoys collaborating with musicians, dancers, and filmmakers, to explore how these art forms overlap.

After graduating from Brown in 2004, Wright moved to Paris and lived with artists from all over the world in a squatted, abandoned state building in Belleville. This creative and challenging environment demanded a strong personal vision, and imprinted the possibility of a life supported by and for art-making. Wright returned to her hometown of Austin in 2006 and is represented by Martine Chaisson Gallery in New Orleans.

2peacock painting.jpg